Sunday, March 04, 2007

Who are Zoe and Lola?

Youve seen their pictures.. just page through the archives and you will get a good feel for what they look like. Zoe was born April 1, 2004. Lola on January 15, 2005.

Zoe's dad was about 55 lbs, her mom was 65, a moose. She was one of 10 pups, we went to pick her out during a tornado warning - actually spent about an hour more than we had planned that day, waiting out the storm. She was raised with 5 kids under the age of 8 - she is a bit mad we dont have any, but she will get over it. Zoe is about 55 lbs now. Her obsession is anything round. Tennis balls, raquet balls, squeeky tennis balls, you get the picture.

Lola is Zoe's 2nd cousin twice removed, or something like that. Somehow they are related, but it takes a PhD in genetics to understand it. Anyway, her folks were both 65 lbs or so. She was the runt of 8. She is 75 lbs now. That isnt a typo. 75 lbs. She is HUGE. Her body structure is more like a male - broad chest and head, etc. She started so small, yet got so bit. She is a chewer. I think she has 5 or 6 dinobones at this point, all at different points of chewed. Just think of Zoe as the runner, Lola as the powerhouse.
Here is an up close and personal with Lola... and yes, she has a few ouchies on her chin. We will get into her health issues another day.

Taking Over

Ok, so Zoe got lazy, stopped posting to this on a regular basis. Lola helped out a bit, but she picked a fight with GM, not that I can blame her, but I told her that we wouldn't win that one... need to pick and choose our battles.
So, Im taking over. If they cant keep up with this thing, I suppose dad will have to run the show.
That said, I hope to keep a bit of a journal of our lives together - sort of regular updates on what it is like with 2 weims in the same house... controlled chaos. For anyone who has a weim, hopefully this will lead to a lot of head bobbing and laughs. For those considering a weim, I love mine dearly, but they are certainly a dog that requires a lot. Growing up with Dalmations, they were a walk in the park compared to what these guys require. Hopefully this becomes a fun read for all.