Sunday, March 04, 2007

Taking Over

Ok, so Zoe got lazy, stopped posting to this on a regular basis. Lola helped out a bit, but she picked a fight with GM, not that I can blame her, but I told her that we wouldn't win that one... need to pick and choose our battles.
So, Im taking over. If they cant keep up with this thing, I suppose dad will have to run the show.
That said, I hope to keep a bit of a journal of our lives together - sort of regular updates on what it is like with 2 weims in the same house... controlled chaos. For anyone who has a weim, hopefully this will lead to a lot of head bobbing and laughs. For those considering a weim, I love mine dearly, but they are certainly a dog that requires a lot. Growing up with Dalmations, they were a walk in the park compared to what these guys require. Hopefully this becomes a fun read for all.


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